Step 3

blossom into full self-actualization

… as a Virtual Villager attending NF Learning Lab!

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blossom into full self-actualization

… as a Virtual Villager attending NF Learning Lab!

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… to the next step in tending your self-actualization garden!

You’ve planted seeds and cultivated roots, and are ready to blossom as a fully expressed NF woman. Great! Because holding the center of Bravely Being You Virtual Village, is NF Learning Lab for Self-Actualization, where villagers dare to go deeper into understanding who we are as NF women, and blossom into full self-actualization in these ways:

  • Breaking the chains of family and cultural conditioning,

  • Gaining mastery over emotional triggers,

  • Navigating change with ease and grace,

  • Developing essential self-esteem and empowerment, and

  • Trusting iNtuition to guide us in almost everything!

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Perhaps our greatest challenge as NF women is that our iNtuition and Feeling preferences create a dynamic, internal complexity that is not recognized nor addressed in any way, by the Sensing-majority culture in which we live. As a result, we are told, again and again, that we are ‘too much,’ ‘too deep,’ ‘too sensitive,’ ‘too neurotic,’ or even, ‘too smart… for our own good.’

Whatever the labels might be, they have us feeling existentially alone in a foreign land.

Many of us are diagnosed with emotional or mental maladies such as depression or anxiety, robbing us further of self-respect. So, we seek out conventional therapies and pharmaceuticals, or we self-medicate. Such methods are not sufficiently helpful, because they typically only address symptoms, without acknowledging their underlying causes.

Since 2012, NF Learning Lab has been an informal learning lab, exploring the probability that the rare combination of emotional and iNtuitive sensitivities we NFs experience is a potent contributor to many of our physical, emotional, mental, and even spiritual difficulties.

Now after five years of targeted conversational research, we consistently experience something very surprising!

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Our complexity causes the greatest distress when we are not aware of its presence in our being. Once we recognize and embrace our many aspects and dimensions of self, we are very good at nourishing and optimizing them to access remarkable, new levels of self-esteem!

We feel less overwhelm, our sense of purpose deepens, organically, and we generate the energy and intelligence needed to become fully self-actualized.

So then, how do we recognize, embrace, nourish and optimize our complexity? By feeding it a constant diet of self-reflective systems, models and theories, from which we draw intriguing data points. In cross-referencing these abstractions, we light ourselves up from the inside.

It’s like the more conceptual mirrors we have to reflect our NF complexity, the more fully our exceptional creativity and wisdom collaborate to help us blossom fully into who we have always been, hiding away from our Sensing-majority world.

Our job is to notice the data points that draw our attention, and then, to integrate the ones that are most in alignment with our emerging memory of who we essentially are.

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In addition to the Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator, NF Learning Lab references original and customized maps, lenses, and tools for self-reflection, including:

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  • Ten Areas of Life a personal life-systems monitoring lens
  • Seven Sparkle Dna Qualities an NF success qualities lens
  • Six Dimensions of Power a personal transformation model
  • You Are Here Map a growth and change model
  • Reset Tool a brain-plasticity technique
  • Perfect Practice a self-direction enhancer
  • Inner-Child/Wise-Woman Connection an emotional self-healing model
  • Drama Queen Game Board a human dysfunction lens
  • iNtuiting and Sensing Worldviews a cultural paradigm lens
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And then of course, “It takes a village to grow a garden of blossoms!”

NF Learning Lab gatherings on Zoom bring life to our work with maps, lenses and tools. Sharing our self-reflective insights with each other, we gain greater understanding of ourselves through mirrored expression. As we embrace our complexity, we dare to express ourselves more and more fully, and to dive into deeper layers of self-awareness. Our voices gain strength, and we inhabit self-trust in ways we had not thought possible.

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Senior multiracial women meeting and hugging each other outdoor

We also weave a common NF language, so that as we share with each other, we strengthen our village bond and expand our ability to go much deeper in full safety. Coming closer together as rare NF women, we expose, for purposes of healing, our deeper wounding and rough edges, and put them into perspective for ourselves, as we have always suspected we could.

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blossom into full self-actualization

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Why this is seriously worth considering …

  • You’re done with hiding out in NF obscurity,
  • You feel safe, surrounded by Bravely Being You wise women,
  • NF Learning Lab for Self-Actualization is next on your agenda, and
  • It takes a village to reverse Sensing-majority conditioning.

What to expect ...

  • Be fully embraced by Bravely Being You Virtual Village,
  • Get new insights about Sensing-majority conditioning,
  • Access and heal elusive cultural wounds,
  • Use ground-breaking maps, lenses, and tools, and
  • Discover your unique path to self-actualization!

What you receive with your self-investment package …

  • Full tuition to NF Learning Lab for Self-Actualization,
  • Full permission to drop into iNtuitive Conversation at will,
  • Social Gathering Survival Guide gift (digital version),
  • Eligibility for Wise Woman Mentoring at a 20% discount, (learn more)
  • Compassionate support from a village of NF wise women