Step 4

share fruits of self-actualization

… invest in you and all NFs as a Vanguard Villager!

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share fruits of self-actualization

… invest in you and all NFs as a Vanguard Villager!

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Greetings! You’re here, so let’s assume that you’re curious to know more about Bravely Being You Virtual Village as a place from which to share fruits of self-actualization.

Hopefully, you’re noticing changes in yourself and in other women on iNtuitive Conversations.

Maybe you are considering NF Learning Lab for Self-Actualization as a next step for you, or maybe you’re already enrolled with a Virtual Villager membership. And now, maybe, you’re in the unique position of having ample funds to invest in your self-actualization process, while also providing modest support for the growth and development of this very special NF haven, at a crucial time in its development.

Maybe you’re starting to notice that when we NF women become authentically empowered, our world begins to change for the better! Like well cells, in an ailing system, fully self-actualized NF women spread a positive ‘virus’ that has others close by feeling safer and saner.

If you’re nodding your head, then you’ll love being able to share fruits of self-actualization in these ways:

  • Blossoming into full self-actualization,

  • Honoring yourself fully, without hesitation,

  • Knowing that you can be both generous and greatly deserving,

  • Caring for others without ‘rescuing,’ fostering dependencies, or feeling resentment, and

  • Being a ‘well cell’ whose very existence helps to heal all of our world.

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A Vanguard is a group of people leading the way in new developments or ideas, and there is no more exciting new idea for NF women, than Bravely Being You Virtual Village.

The chance to join as a Vanguard Villager is a very special, time-limited opportunity for those with the vision and financial means to participate. Only twenty such memberships are currently available.

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When you become a Vanguard Villager you step into a powerful inner circle of emerging possibilities, through which you can grow with us.

Your support not only helps us to fulfill our mission of empowering NF women, it also invites you to become involved, directly, in the workings of our village...

… but only if you want to!

Your financial commitment is the only requirement, but here are some of the things on our ‘vision board’ that your membership may help bring to light:

  • NF Learning Lab Scholarships for those who could use a boost,

  • Development of village basics such as our virtual ‘post office’ and 'library,'

  • Formalization of our on-going research into the charms and challenges of NF types,

  • A platform where NF men can connect and benefit from our research,

  • Business relationships of various kinds including: equity partnerships and NF vendor and affiliate relationships.

Be a Vanguard Villager
share the fruits of self-actualization

Vanguard membership fee ... for when you can afford self-actualization for yourself ... and support iNtuitive-Feeling women globally!

$175 a month or
$1,750 a year (2 free months)

Why this is your perfect choice …

  • You’ve felt marginalized just for being uniquely you,
  • You intuit that empowered NF women are world changers,
  • You have the means to be at choice in your investments, and
  • You’re seeing how Bravely Being You helps NF women transform!

What to expect ...

  • Go deep with NF Learning Lab for Self-Actualization,
  • Be safely held by a sisterhood of Wise Women,
  • Help to hold ‘safe space’ for other NF women to self-actualize,
  • Engage directly in research projects,
  • In time, if you like, consider a virtual village leadership role.

What you receive with your Vanguard membership …

  • Full tuition to NF Learning Lab for Self-Actualization,
  • Full permission to drop into iNtuitive Conversations at will,
  • Social Gathering Survival Guide gift,
  • One free private Wise Woman Mentoring session per quarter,
  • Additional mentoring sessions at a special 20% discount, (learn more)
  • Compassionate adoption by a community of wise NF women,
  • Joy in helping to grow our global village of NF women.