we help each iNtuitive-Feeling type woman own, develop, and share her matchless gifts

… so that every day is a celebration of who she is ‘becoming'!

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we help each iNtuitive-Feeling type woman own, develop, and share her matchless gifts

… so that every day is a celebration of who she is ‘becoming'!

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does this sound like you?

  • Do you suspect that unidentified stressors may be making you vulnerable to sickness, injury, mood swings, or mental overwhelm… but you don’t know what those stressors are, or how to find out?

  • Are you successful in your job, business, or other avocation… but struggle to achieve your ideal sense of self?

  • Does your iNtuition tell you it’s okay to ‘slow down’ and allow for a little more space in your life… but emotions keep pressing you into action?

  • Do you sense that being fully actualized as a rare, iNtuitive-Feeling type woman means taking the road less traveled… and yet, you’re challenged, at times, because you feel like ‘the odd one out'?

  • Have your earnest years of self-healing and spiritual exploration left you with inner horizons yet to be explored…  but you’re not sure which direction to take in approaching them?


your iNtuition is begging you to listen …

… but it’s hard to hear over the noise of your Feelings!

Imagine if you could wholeheartedly trust your iNtuition …

As an iNtuitive-Feeling woman you take in information largely through your sixth sense of iNtuition, but growing up, you probably didn’t get much support for trusting what it tells you. Now, that support is available in Bravely Being You virtual village.

Imagine if you could have steady support to honor and soothe your super-sensitive Feelings …

They drive us a little crazy, but our emotions give us the raw energy we need to power forward in life. What if you were so confident in your flow of Feelings that it felt like rafting down a beautiful river where you knew how to run every rapid with power, ease and grace?

Imagine if you could get your iNtuition and your Feelings to partner up …

As an iNtuitive-Feeling (NF) type woman, you have two powerful engines whirring inside of you, all the time: your iNtuition, and your Feelings. All too often, these sensitive but complex systems feel like powerful whirlwinds twisting in opposite directions. What if you could get them working together on your behalf like a perfectly fine-tuned dynamo? Doesn’t it feel like the sky would be the limit on who you could become, and what you might do?

"iNtuitive conversations gave me the safe-space to see who I am as a rare iNtuitive-Feeling woman...

… but it was in the powerful next-step that I learned to embrace my wisdom, find my voice, and break down the barriers that were holding me back."

⎼Heather Stephens, Marketing Strategist & Website Designer



Sparkle School

… a virtual learning environment where we iNtuitive-Feeling type women:

  • Uncover and own our extraordinary magnificence

  • Tap the raw, dynamic energy of our acute emotional sensitivity

  • Recognize and esteem our innate innocence

  • Safely dislodge residual guilt and shame

  • Explore as deeply as is needed for profound self-evolution

see what sparkle school includes...

sparkle school calls

Weekly Virtual Classroom-Calls

Sparkle School holds a minimum of three virtual classroom-calls every week, giving you a consistent place to know and speak your sensitive, complex truths like never before… so that you can own your sage wisdom and open-heartedness as precious gifts to be reliably shared everywhere in your life.

Calls include:

  • A listen-only option for the cautious-of-heart
  • Topic-specific content, custom-designed for NF women
  • Self-exploration questions to contemplate before each call
  • Intriguing ‘NF awareness’ themes that build from week to week
  • Small-group breakout sessions for expressing expanding dimensions of ‘voice’
  • Facilitated large group discussions with other self-evolving NF women
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Self-Reflective Tools and Techniques

The Sparkle School toolbox is a treasure chest of intriguing, yet reliable, systems, models and theories that ignite your curiosity and engage your iNtuitive mind… so you can fully own and boldly innovate from these rare assets.

Toolbox includes:

  • A self-exploration map to track the mystery of your inner progress
  • A powerful brain-plasticity tool for converting problems into possibilities
  • A metaphorical gameboard for playing to win, over self-limiting patterns
  • NF materials to craft a perfect ‘life-practice’, with no ‘shoulds’ attached
  • Seven imaginal strands of ‘DNA’ evoking the innate strengths of NF women
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Sparkle School Virtual Campus

Bravely Being You Support Community

The ‘faculty’ and ‘student body’ of Sparkle School form around a rare community of iNtuitive-Feeling type women of all ages and ethnicities. We open-heartedly support each other to feel seen and heard, like never before… so that we can experience the joys and blessings of life, even in moments when the Sensing-majority world feels like a scary place to navigate.

Our community includes:

  • Self-exploration guides
  • Trained classroom-call facilitators
  • Advanced Sparkle School ‘students’ who model what is possible
  • Restorative modalities, specific to NF women
  • Wise Women Counsel

what if you could...

  • Free yourself, once and for all, of the nagging feeling that you are in some way ‘too much’ or ‘not enough,’ and fully own how exceptional you are… so your rare, iNtuitive, super-powers can shine out as the valuable gifts they truly are.

  • Set aside, forever, lingering doubts about the accurateness of your iNtuitive insights… so that you can fully trust them to direct your exceptional life, from the inside out.

  • Strip your negative emotions of the power to skew your thoughts and actions … so that you can bathe in possibility-thinking, joy, happiness, and fulfillment.

  • Safeguard your precious energy from others who do not value its true worth… so you have the vitality needed to express your generosity of spirit where it is abundantly welcomed and appreciated!

  • Understand the dynamic nature of your complex thoughts and Feelings… so you can spontaneously dance with them, at will. 


What if the classroom-call schedule doesn’t work for me?

One of the greatest gifts of Sparkle School is the guidance and support you receive for taking more control of your life. Whether, your schedule includes work, parenting, elder-care, volunteer work, or other important activities, you deserve to take a break each week to celebrate your own welfare. To help you find the right time for you, Sparkle School offers classroom-calls on week-day mornings and late-afternoon-evenings, and we’ll add more call times as we grow.

What if I can’t pay tuition?

Don’t let our low tuition fees fool you! Many women have found that affording Sparkle School is one of the best investments they’ve ever made. Our business model has been thoughtfully designed to deliver extreme value at every level of engagement, and you get the benefit of thirty years of hands-on experience and innovative development. We have made every effort to make our tuition options affordable to all, however, if you absolutely know that you belong in Sparkle School and truly cannot afford our minimum $72 per month tuition, you can apply for a scholarship supported by our more affluent, wise women.

How much homework is there?

That is completely up to you! The Sparkle School ‘tool box’ is full of original resources designed especially to help iNtuitive-Feeling women feel completely confident in all dimensions of life. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with them so you know what’s there when you need them, but let your iNtuition inspire you to choose when that might be.

How is this different from other programs I've tried?

There has never, ever been another ‘un-school’ like Sparkle School, much less one that is easily affordable, and conveniently accessible from your office or home. As far as we know, we are the only educational entity that has discovered the hidden secrets associated with being a rare, iNtuitive-Feeling type woman.

What if I am a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)?

We so honor the amazing work of psychologist Elaine N. Aron, author of the best-selling book The Highly Sensitive Person. Many iNtuitive-Feeling (NF) personality types are also highly sensitive people. However, not all highly sensitive people (about 20% of the population) are iNtuitive-Feeling personality types (about 8%). Due to the specific needs of our even smaller minority, Sparkle School enrollment is open to all HSP’s who are also INFJ, INFP, ENFJ, or ENFP.

no rules… merely choices

no assignments… only possibilities

no grades… simply woo-hoo’s