Step 2

cultivate roots of self-actualization

… invest in you by becoming a Sojourner!

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cultivate roots of self-actualization

… invest in you by becoming a Sojourner!

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Okay, so as a guest in our iNtuitive Conversations imaginal garden, you’ve sown some seeds of self-actualization! Now, you are invited to step inside Bravely Being You Virtual Village as a Sojourner… one who is interested to stay a while, yet free to come and go at will.

Just inside our gates, there is a potting shed with tools and resources you can invest in, to cultivate roots of self-actualization, like these:

  • Strength for loosening the grip of Sensing-majority conditioning,

  • Commitment for weeding out stubborn self-doubt,

  • Stamina for unearthing hidden gifts and dreams,

  • Patience to grow in your own perfect time, and

  • Confidence to embrace your NF complexity.

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We NF women have known, in our hearts, that we have a lot to say, but we’ve been shy about speaking up. As guests in iNtuitive Conversations, we come to understand some of the gifts and challenges of being NF personality types. Now, with a bit of self-investment, iNtuitive Conversations become a place to cultivate roots of self-actualization that will sustain us over time.

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Most of us have wandered the earth feeling energetically alone, and wondering if we could ever feel really welcomed and secure anywhere. Maybe we couldn’t imagine finding a place that felt safe enough to tease out into the open, our most private wonders of self.

Like shamans on a ‘walkabout’ through life, we’ve kept seeking all manner of philosophies, psychologies, spiritualities and material possibilities, to make sense of our uniqueness.

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Many of us have invested years of time and buckets of money to enhance our complex understanding of ourselves, but we still do not have full access to our NF gifts and possibilities. That is largely because in seeking, we have looked outward to the concepts, advice and methods of other people, but those external ‘answers’ never seem to fit us quite right.

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Now, for the first time, we find a place that is specifically created to help us get in touch with our own inner wisdom, so that we can tap the secret genius of our NF-ness. We have a sense that we might belong in Bravely Being You Virtual Village, and we’re ready to invest in knowing more.

Become a Sojourner Today!

Be a Sojourner
cultivate roots of self-actualization

Sojourner membership fee:

$20 a month

Why put down some roots …

  • You visit iNtuitive Conversations fairly often,
  • You enjoy the women of Bravely Being You Virtual Village,
  • You hear your wisdom coming forth more powerfully, and
  • You’re curious about who you are becoming!

What to expect ...

  • Practice self-honoring,
  • Engage in community ‘NF-style’,
  • Highlight NF charms and challenges,
  • Meet your kaleidoscopic mind,
  • Learn more about Sensing-majority culture, and
  • Prep for NF Learning Lab for Self-Actualization.

What you gain from a Sojourner investment you can easily afford ...

  • Full permission to drop into iNtuitive Conversations at will,
  • A safe place to find and tend Sensing-majority culture wounds,
  • Free access to Sojourner Tool Set (coming soon), and
  • Discounted access to Wise Woman Mentoring! (learn more)