you deserve sage support

... for your self-actualization!

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you deserve sage support

... for your self-actualization!

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iNtuitive Conversations …

a safe social experience where we iNtuitive-Feeling type women can:

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  • Connect with other super-rare, sensitive creatures like ourselves
  • Touch into a level of safety that we didn't know was possible
  • Dare to speak with the expectation of being deeply 'heard'
  • Clarify why we've felt so estranged from life at times
  • Practice believing that we're no longer alone

Two Weekly Calls

  • Mondays at 2:00 PM PT - on break May 8 - June 4
  • Wednesdays at 2:00 PM PT - on break May 10 - June 6
  • More calls will be added as our Virtual Village grows.

free for as long as you'd like

Social Gathering Survival Guide

a guided journal for sensitive, iNtuitive women

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For When You'd Really Rather Stay Home... 

This guided journal is designed to help women with rare, iNtuitive-Feeling personality types prepare for the impending doom and emotional ups and downs that often come with gatherings of all kinds.

$35 $27

Wise Women Mentorships

be seen, safe, heard, and understood like never before

Reveal Family Love Rules

Focus on Your Unique Challenges

It takes one to truly know one! Receive specialized guidance from iNtuitive-Feeling wise women...guidance that is not available in standard counseling or therapy...but can be complementary to them.

Go Deeper with Bravely Being You Self-Reflective Tools... 

  • Reset
  • Drama Queen Gameboard
  • You Are Here Map
  • Inner-Child Wise-Woman Connection
Bravely Being You Virtual Village Memberships

join our village of rare iNtuitive-Feeling women

NF Learning Lab Virtual Campus

We Are Here With Open Arms, Ready to Welcome You

Choose from four membership options to support you through each level of your self-actualization. Be our guest at no cost until you know this is the right place for you. It's up to you, at every step, to engage more deeply when you're ready.

Four Membership Options

  • Be our Guest – Sow Seeds of Self-Actualization
  • Be a Sojourner – Cultivate Roots of Self-Actualization
  • Be a Virtual Villager – Blossom into full Self-Actualization
  • Be a Vanguard Villager – Share Fruits of Self-Actualization
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Comments from our Wise-Woman call guides

I've found a community of wise women peers who show up compassionately and authentically. I feel I'm coming home for the first time.


Every conversation is like peeling an onion that reveals deeper layers of what it's like to be an iNtuitive type personality.


I look forward to these iNtuitive calls where nurturers get nurtured and healers get healed.


Superficial conversations are so exhausting! That's why I love these support calls, because they are deep, healing, and always life enhancing.