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$97.00 / month

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NF Learning Lab

… a virtual learning environment where we iNtuitive-Feeling type women:

  • Uncover and own our extraordinary magnificence
  • Tap the raw, dynamic energy of our acute emotional sensitivity
  • Recognize and esteem our innate innocence
  • Safely dislodge residual guilt and shame
  • Explore as deeply as is needed for profound self-evolution

NF Learning Lab Tuition gives you access to:

  • Weekly classroom calls which are held on week-day mornings and late-afternoon-evenings to accommodate your busy schedule
  • BONUS: Free access to all of the daily Intuitive Conversation calls


NF Learning Lab Tuition is only $97/month. However if you’ve completed your application and attended five iNtuitive Conversations calls within six weeks, you’ll be given a coupon to lock in a $48/month discount on your tuition for as long as you remain a member. 

Refund – Cancellation Policy: 

NF Learning Lab is a month-to-month tuition. While the majority of NF Learning Lab students stay in the program for years, if at any time you decide you’d like to cancel, you may do so without incurring future charges. There are no refunds on past month’s tuition.