Hidden Gifts Mentoring with Martha


Martha specializes in mentoring exceptionally rare iNtuitive-Feeling Women.

Book a session to address wounding as an iNtuitive-Feeler growing up in a Sensing-majority world. Unravel and embrace difficult emotions. Strengthen your resilience through soothing self-compassion. Discover the hidden gifts of your inner child. Explore intimacy as a mature woman. Become a more fully expressed, empowered, self-actualized iNtuitive-Feeling woman.

Sessions are 60 minutes by Zoom or phone.

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Hidden Gifts sessions you can book with Martha:

Areas of Specialty:

  • Reparenting Your Inner Child
  • Embracing Difficult Emotions
  • Living with iNtuitive-Feeling Shame
  • Intimate Relationships in Later Life
  • Parenting iNtuitive-Feeling Children and Teens

Virtual Village Self-Reflective Tools:

  • Reset
  • Drama Queen Gameboard
  • You Are Here Map
  • Inner-Child Wise-Woman Connection

About Martha:

A mature, wise woman of great substance, Martha brings to her mentoring a natural warmth and compassion earned over decades of conscious self-realization and client care. Taking the road less traveled, she is an inveterate seeker and soul-soother whose voice is like a warm hug on our calls. During her years as a licensed counselor, Martha worked with children and families through the expressive arts, including music, free-drawing, and drama. Now, as a free agent in her seventies, she shares her special ability to help a wounded child feel safe, seen, and supported. She finds that child in those who are still very young and also in adults whose inner joy has gone uncelebrated for a lifetime, as is true for many iNtuitive-Feeling type women.

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