Charms and Challenges Mentoring with Shayla


Book a 60 minutes phone session to explore the charms and challenges that come with being an iNtuitive-Feeling personality type.

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Shayla specializes in helping iNtuitive-Feelers understand the complexities of NF reality, move past self-criticism, and open to true self-honoring.

Book a Charms and Challenges session to Address These Areas of Specialty:

  • Navigating Our Sensing-Majority World
  • Understanding the Dynamics of your Kaleidoscopic NF Mind
  • Accessing and Trusting Intuition as a Life-Direction Indicator
  • Discovering and Integrating Multiple Dimensions of Self
  • Applying Creativity to the Quest for Authentic Self

Go Deeper with Bravely Being You Self-Reflective Tools and Concepts:

  • You Are Here Map
  • Logical and Creative Worldviews
  • Perfect Practice
  • Rings of Power

About Shayla:

Shayla brings to Bravely Being You Virtual Village, original insights into iNtuitive-Feeling (NF) personality types. These were gained from three decades of coaching iNtuitive, values-based business owners interested in evolving self-mastery while growing a business. Having inspired creative entrepreneurs in many industries to apply principles of creativity, consciousness, and mindfulness to solving business problems, she has also, served as professional development coach to many Certified Executive Coaches. In 1994, Shayla was certified to administer the Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator (MBTI). Her distinctive passion is to combine MBTI wisdom with other models, systems and theories, to create experiences that are uniquely effective in meeting the self-actualization needs of rare INFJ, INFP, ENFJ and ENFP personality types. Shayla shares her unique perspective, publicly, by answering questions on the expertise website,