Bravely Being You Peer Mentoring

terms and conditions

I understand that Bravely Being You mentoring programs are designed to assist me in developing a better understanding of my strengths and challenges as a rare, intuitive-feeling personality type, so that I might increase my sense of being fully actualized in life.

I understand that in my mentoring program, I may become conscious of areas in my life or things about myself that I may be uncomfortable with, but that this is all a natural part of gaining self-understanding. I take full responsibility for all the experiences, memories, feelings and learnings I may have in my Bravely Being You mentoring program, as well as, for what I do with the learnings and experiences after my formal association with my Bravely Being You mentor is over.

I understand that Bravely Being You programs are not treatments or therapies, nor are they intended to replace any treatment or therapy that I may be receiving at any time. Bravely Being You mentors present educational and philosophical information, as well as peer reflections and exchanges for my consideration. My mentor may encourage me to use additional professional assistance with mental and/or emotional issues, when necessary or possible.

I understand that Bravely Being You mentoring is designed exclusively for intuitive-feeling personality types, as indicated by Myers-Briggs type personality assessments, and that there are four such types, which are; INFJ, INFP, ENFJ, and ENFP. I accept that it is my responsibility to determine whether or not my personality type is one of the four intuitive-feeling types, and that there are free and paid assessments available to me, to help me do so.

I understand that my Bravely Being You mentor will have been selected for her role, because she, herself, is an intuitive-feeling personality type, who has personally experienced the special challenges that come with being culturally or socially marginalized, due to individual uniqueness, and that she will have personally explored and actively integrated into her personal growth processes, any or all, original Bravely Being You models and concepts that she shares with me in my mentoring sessions.

I agree, that if, after a reasonable amount of exposure to Bravely Being You mentoring, I do not feel comfortable with the approach taken, I will voluntarily and respectfully withdraw.

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