our four-step journey to self-actualization for iNtuitive-Feeling women

...take your time, feel your way, you'll know when you're ready

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Step 1: Sow Seeds of Self-Actualization as our Guest on iNtuitive Conversations.

In our constant process of self-actualization, we NFs are always planting new seeds of self-expression, hoping to be seen, heard and understood by the Sensing-majority world in which we live. All too often, our precious seeds of self are neglected there, so why not plant them in a friendly, fertile garden filled with other flourishing iNtuitive-Feelers… and see what happens?

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Step 2: Cultivate Roots of Self-Actualization as a Sojourner in Bravely Being You Virtual Village.

Through iNtuitive Conversations, our distinctly-NF complexity begins to show itself as an inherent strength instead of a confusion. This sparks a desire to know more about who we actually are. As sojourners in Bravely Being You Virtual Village, we are safe to invest modestly in a set of self-reflective tools that make iNtuitive Conversations calls more personally relevant. And, we get a glimpse of the subtle, yet powerful, self-actualization that is available if we decide to move on and become Virtual Villagers.

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Step 3: Blossom into full Self-Actualization as a Virtual Villager.

Over time, in iNtuitive Conversations calls, our NF iNtuition comes alive, despite the many layers of judgments and limitations we inherit from our Sensing-majority world. Trusting our iNtuitive wisdom, we are ready for the next step, NF Learning Lab for Self-Actualization. With additional maps, lenses, and tools, along with the open-hearted reflections and validations of other sparkly NF women, we activate an emergence of self-awareness that reveals and aligns our many dimensions of being.

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Step 4: Share Fruits of Self-Actualization as a Vanguard Villager.

Vanguard is a group of people leading the way in new developments or ideas, and there are no more exciting new ideas for NF women, than iNtuitive Conversations, Bravely Being You Virtual Village and NF Learning Lab. Unlike the outward achievements so prized in our Sensing-majority world, self-actualization for NFs, is an inside job. However, as we source the wonders of our individual depths, we often feel compelled to share our excitement with other iNtuitive-Feeling women.

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