wise women mentorships

be seen, safe, heard, and understood like never before

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wise women mentorships

be seen, safe, heard, and understood like never before

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This is a community I didn't even know I needed!

~ Vicki

... where nurturers and healers come for nurturing!


I love being seen, heard & understood on these calls!

~ a typical rave about the iNtuitive Conversations

As highly unique women, we iNtuitive-Feeling types do not naturally align with the norms and expectations of the Sensing-majority cultures around us. To survive being ‘different,’ some of us adopt compliant behaviors that silently separate us from our true natures. Others of us accommodate our special needs by resisting or rejecting cultural norms, only to find ourselves painfully sidelined.

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All too often, when we show up in life, ‘just as we are,’ we are bullied, teased, judged, labeled, diagnosed, ignored, or even punished, just because we are different. Rarely, if ever, have we received mentoring to help us develop and honor our rarified inclinations, and share them productively with a world that often seems somewhat foreign to us.

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All four NF types, INFJ, INFP, ENFJ, and ENFP deal with a level of iNtuitive and Feeling (emotional) complexity that is not recognized, nor understood, in standardized educational, vocational, and therapeutic settings. It is often said of NF types, that when we go to a therapist, we end up educating the professional, because we have already discovered so much about who we are, and why we do what we do.

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The mentors of Bravely Being You offer inspiring enrichment in a diverse variety of topics. Their wisdom is underscored by years spent in our virtual village, seeing, hearing, and learning how to iNtuitively support NF women. Whether a mentee is learning a new skill, exploring mental and emotional depths, or adjusting behaviors for better outcomes in life, she receives inspiration and encouragement to do so in ways that fit who she authentically is.

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wise women mentors


Charms and Challenges Mentoring with Shayla

Shayla specializes in helping iNtuitive-Feelers understand the complexities of NF reality, move past self-criticism, and open to true self-honoring.


Hidden Gifts Mentoring with Martha

Martha specializes in mentoring exceptionally rare iNtuitive-Feeling Women to address wounding as an iNtuitive-Feeler growing up in a Sensing-majority world. Discover the hidden gifts of your inner child and become a more fully-expressed NF woman.