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sow seeds of self-actualization

… register as our Guest on iNtuitive Conversations!

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sow seeds of self-actualization

… as our Guest on iNtuitive Conversations!

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Just outside the entrance to Bravely Being You Virtual Village, is an imaginal garden called iNtuitive Conversations, where all iNtuitive-Feeling (NF) type women are welcome

… for as long as it takes to sow seeds of self-actualization like these:

  • Knowledge of what it really means to be a rare NF woman,

  • Courage to face being misunderstood,

  • Access to buried thoughts and feelings,

  • Power to ‘voice’ emerging insights, and

  • Safety in a rare group of NF women,

INtuitive Conversations is a continuing series of group Zoom gatherings that happen up to four times every week to help NF women feel soothed, secure, and supported in a Sensing-majority world that cannot see us, hear us, or understand who we are, as highly unique, complex, creative women.

Portrait of a woman of fifty years in a country house.

By sharing our personal stories, voicing our unique wisdom, exploring our intuitive interests, and being deeply understood … often for the first time

... we prepare ourselves for possible entry into Bravely Being You Virtual Village, where a sisterhood of women who share our distinctive NF qualities, awaits us.

Friends hanging out at home having coffee sitting on the sofa.

When what’s missing from our process of self-actualization, is the knowledge that there is much, much more to us than we thought there was, then we need help remembering that possibility … and then … we need further help, dancing with that possibility in everyday life. Remembering who we actually are is a gradual process of emergence-of-true-self that takes time. So, we need a place where our soul can catch up with who we are becoming.

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From there, emerges, the possibility that being fully self-actualized could mean actually blossoming into that fully expressed, iNtuitive-Feeling (NF) type woman, that each of us has always suspected we are, deep down in our most private realms of self. In our beginning stage of self-actualization, iNtuitive Conversations provide a safe space to show up in life with a feeling of belonging, to practice freedom of full expression, and to open to the possibility of developing robust optimism.

Senior woman in the kitchen. An old woman inside the house, holding a cup of coffee.
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Weekly themes provide structure, but the main topic for discussion is always the highly individual self-actualization process of each unique woman. In Bravely Being You Virtual Village, there are no ‘masters,’ no ‘gurus,’ no ‘shoulds, no ‘scripts,’ and no ‘rules’, save a very few guidelines to foster a mood of peace and self-compassion within the virtual healing spaces we share.

As an NF woman, once you recognize in your soul, that there is more for you to express in life than you had ever imagined… you can choose to settle in to Bravely Being You Virtual Village and cultivate roots of self-actualization as a Sojourner.

Register to be our guest on iNtuitive-Conversations for 30 days!

When you register, you have access to any and all of our iNtuitive Conversations calls

  • Women's Calls:

    • Mondays at 2:00 PM PT
    • Wednesdays at 2:00 PM PT
  • Co-Ed Call:
    • Sundays at 9:00 AM PT (Starting on July 21, 2024)
  • More calls will be added as our Virtual Village grows