hi, I’m Shayla Roberts…
founder of Bravely Being You Virtual Village ...and here’s my story in eight brief chapters:

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  • Chapter 1. Odd One Out

    No one knew it at the time, of course, but I was born an iNtuitive-Feeler (INFJ)… a very rare bird, in a Sensing-majority world. As a child, the things I thought and did consistently elicited responses like, “You’re making that up!” … or…“You don’t know what you’re talking about!” … or… “Don’t get too big for your britches!” Looking back, I realize that from the age of seven, I have longed for a place to feel accepted and seen for who I am...like a village where each neighbor would patiently hear my story and help me grow into my mental and emotional complexity.

  • Chapter 2. Faking It

    An emotional zombie by fourteen, I was incredibly lonely and depressed. I knew how to project a poised manner, so I could fake social competence, but inside, I felt anxious and silently alienated. I was secretly terrified that I would NEVER find a place to rest in a sense of true ‘belonging.’ In high school, my considerable talents and abilities saved me from feeling completely side-lined by my Sensing-majority, teenage peers, but it was my creative drive and my undying curiosity about what makes people tick that kept me connected to life.

  • Chapter 3. Soldier On

    In my twenties, I gave birth to three children, continued my higher education, engaged in a self-directed study of psychology and spiritual systems, and toggled together the earliest stages of what was to become my life’s work. By learning about, and teaching what I needed to learn, I helped other secretly marginalized people like me embrace the notion of self-love as essential to our ability to thrive. Coming into the age of women’s lib, I showed home-bound mothers how to express their discontent by splashing paint on canvas and how to ease themselves with the calming effects of yoga.

  • Chapter 4. Toe Hold

    This chapter had me creating transformative group experiences and large-scale events, as a musician and visual/performance artist. In my thirties, and before the age of cell phones and social media, I formed the vision that would pull me into my future: To use distance learning to help people transform their concept of self, by providing exceptional resources and hands-on support they can easily afford.

  • Chapter 5. Get Biz-ey

    I launched my first coaching company at 44, working with highly creative entrepreneurs who felt inspired as free spirits, but tied down by convention. This is how I came to know that the clients I would serve best were to be iNtuitive personality types. Many had suffered, as had I, from the pain that Sensing-majority programming and cultural censure had caused.

  • Chapter 6. Take Ownership

    My fifties had me framing complex ideas into simple metaphors, to craft tools for experiential self-evolution. Revising and sharing them again and again over twenty years has helped me capture and apply all that I’ve learned about iNtuitive-Thinkers and iNtuitive-Feelers … sometimes coaching them one-on-one, and sometimes facilitating live retreats and trainings.

  • Chapter 7. Turn On

    The turn of the century and the age of smart-phones and social media had me working by phone, with groups of free, self-directed individuals who wished to slough off limiting self-concepts that were culturally imposed. So that they could fully honor and value themselves, with a genuine generosity of spirit toward others.

  • Chapter 8. Feel the Love

    The COVID years showed me, without a doubt, that my truest wisdom connection is with iNtuitive-Feeling women. In general, I find we tend to be brilliant, deeply caring, and altruistic people. My long-wished-for, perfect family has arrived, here within the warmth of the Bravely Being You Virtual Village.