Episode 49: Embrace Possibility Plus!

Good morning everyone, and welcome to NF Learning Lab, where together, we access our innate, iNtuitive wisdom as unique, self-valuing, and deeply Feeling women … and share who we are becoming in a safe, sensitive community.

In recent weeks, we have seen that the differences between the Sensing-majority world view and the iNtuitive-minority world view show up as a series of one-hundred-and-eighty-degree shifts! The Sensing-majority world view has us looking outward to facts that have been proven in the past, while the iNtuitive-minority world view directs our gaze inward to our innate powers of self-reflection. Instead of making decisions based on past precedents, we thrive on thinking about possibilities for the future. Instead of depending doggedly on logic to make sense of things, we employ our capacity for possibility-thinking, creativity and innovation.

We could say that these creative qualities are the stock and trade of iNtuitive-Feeling type women, but through our many years of socialization in the Sensing-majority culture that surrounds us, many of us have adopted limiting beliefs about creativity that do not support our innate capacity for original thoughts and actions. So, today we’ll take a look at some of those limiting beliefs and contrast them to replacement beliefs that are more useful for us as natural, iNtuitive creators.

The first limiting Sensing-majority belief about creativity, is that we must have some special talent in order to be creative. By contrast, the iNtuitive-minority world view tells us that true creativity comes from our natural expression. When we feel free to express ourselves, the things we say and do are likely to be unique, which means they are, by definition, creative.

Another Sensing-majority belief is that our creative efforts must produce ‘results.’ And yes, we live in a world where we want to get results, but we don’t want to feel that getting a particular result is the only reason to be creative. To us, as iNtuitive-Feeling women, the process we’re engaged in is often as important as the results we might create. Very often people who are process oriented get labeled as being slip-shod, or lazy, or ineffective because they enjoy just doing what they are doing and don’t have a high priority on finishing up or getting to the final outcome. Yet, we are learning in many ways that the process part of the creativity equation is essential and that if we focus only on results, we often find ourselves stuck with less than satisfying outcomes.

Another Sensing-majority belief about creativity that says ‘quality’ is all that counts. Our natural, iNtuitive-minority world view includes the belief that ‘quantity’ leads to innovation. There is a story about the art teacher who said to her pottery students, “Today the assignment is to make the perfect pot.” Then, she divided the class up into two sections. She told all of the people on the left to make one perfect pot and all of the people on the right to make as many pots as they possibly could within in the time allotted.

When their time was up, the students conducted a class review to find the most perfect pot. We might imagine that it came from the perfect pot makers, but in fact it came from someone who had quickly made as many pots as possible. The winning pot was full of movement and vitality. It was exciting. It was unique and it won the full approval of the entire class.

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