Episode 38: Notice Limiting Messages!

Good morning everyone, and welcome to NF Learning Lab, where the invitation to each of us, is always to access our innate wisdom as a unique and self-valuing woman, and to share our emerging self-awareness in a safe, informed, sensitive community.

Last week, we explored Perfect Practice, using the second letter in our personality code, which for us iNtuitive women, is an N. And, just so we remember, the reason we use N instead of I is because in the code, the I is already taken from Introversion. Taking a look here, helps us understand, better and better, what it really means to be rare, and unique personalities who prefer to take in information using our sixth sense of internal guidance, or iNtuition. We focus on bits of information from many different large systems, complex theories, and abstract ideas, and choose the data points that have special meaning to us, as highly unique individuals.

Differences in personality type become very interesting when we think about the roles that each of us might naturally play in meeting some of the challenges currently facing our world. For example, let’s look at the controversy about whether or not ‘climate change’ is real. A Sensor might, very understandably, point to the recorded temperature of the day, compare it to the same date last year, and say, “Gee, I don’t see any evidence to support the idea that our world is warming up, much less, that such warming could be a problem, or that it is actually caused by people!” In fact, until very recently, for Sensors living in the northeastern United States, it has seemed very much as though the world was cooling down, as winter temperatures brought unprecedented blizzards.

On the other hand, an iNtuitive might very easily conclude that climate change is real, by cross-referencing a few key data points from several huge systems; like the tiny annual rise in sea temperatures; the very gradual, but ever-increasing power of yearly hurricanes, droughts and wildfires; and the fact that creatures like bees and frogs are dying off in unheard of numbers. The iNtuitive asks, “What’s going on here? How are these things connected?” and begins to form a theory to explain the information she is receiving.

The thing is, that both iNtuitive and Sensing types have very understandable points of view, when examined through the lens of personality type. However, as iNtuitive-Feeling women, we all share a deeply held concern for the welfare of our human species and, would not like to see it dwindle, like bees and frogs. Unlike some of our Sensing brothers and sisters, we seem to understand that our planet is our great ‘mother’, and we feel deep sadness when we see that she’s hurting. As women, we also have an ancient history of working well together to solve complex problems, where our male counterparts are more likely to compete with each other, attempting to do the same, which leads to divisions that we can no longer afford to accept as the only way to get things done. Also, as time passes, each year brings more evidence that is noticeable even to the Sensing-majority, that climate change is real, and that our choices and actions as a global, human species contribute, greatly, to it. And finally, here in NF Learning Lab, we play with the ‘well-cell’ theory, which helps us to see that just by consciously evolving our own hearts and minds, we are contributing to wholeness and balance in our world.

At the same time, we iNtuitive-Feeling women are just beginning to realize the extent to which our internal ‘knowing’ has been questioned, or even resoundingly denied by the Sensing-majority culture in which we live. Here, in NF Learning Lab, tucked away in our safe, Bravely Being You virtual village, we are just coming into full awareness of the degree to which we have learned from the Sensing-majority, to question ourselves, overlook our value, disown our innate genius, judge our good-natured innocence, and discount any thoughts we might have of being able to help solve the huge, problems facing our species. So, today, we’ll explore the role that Perfect Practice might play in helping us to own and more confidently share our innate, evolutionary intelligence.

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