Episode 19: Mind Your Kaleidoscope Part 1

Good morning everyone, and welcome to NF Learning Lab, where together, we access our innate, iNtuitive wisdom as unique and self-valuing women, and share who we are becoming in a safe, sensitive community.

Last week, we acknowledged a big shift taking place in some area of life, a shift that moves us from Quadrant 4 of the You Are Here Map in the lower half of the map, into Quadrant 1, in the upper half. In making this shift, we change our focus away from our internal, iNtuitive-Feeling comfort zone of self-reflection, and ask ourselves to reenter the Sensing-majority world, which for the most part, focuses externally, on getting things done. As we noted last week, Quadrant 1 is a place where we may have felt invisible, inadequate, or even strangely victimized in the past. Now, though, we have a strong intention that after delving deeply into who we are, and how we want to organize our world to fully support who we are, we are ready to start ‘doing’ things in ways that feels luscious to who we authentically are. We want to be very, very careful here, because as iNtuitive-Feeling women, re-entering Quadrant 1 of the You Are Here Map is a bit like jumping into a fast-moving stream, where every swimmer is swept away by a powerful current. In this case, that current is a flood of rules, roles, scripts and ‘shoulds’ devised by Sensing types for Sensing types.

But, hey! We want to be very consciously competent, here, in whatever area of life we are working with. We want to remember that we have recently immersed ourselves in a deep process of weeding out those Sensing-type rules, roles, scripts and ‘shoulds’ that don’t support who we are authentically ‘becoming.’ We’re learning to trust ourselves to become more and more clearly in touch with, and empowered by, our wonderfully unique preferences, choices, and capabilities. When it comes to scripts, rules and roles, we want to believe that we can write some of our own … some that fully support and celebrate our uniqueness. We want to scrutinize every single should that pops into our hearts and minds. We want to shake it off if it makes us feel the least bit constrained, awkward or invalid.

So, how do we do that? How do we hold on to all of the self-acceptance we have gained and still function in the face of constant scrutiny by others who cannot see, nor readily understand us? How do we, even more fully, embrace our unique, authentic selves in a stream where all of the fish are expected to act out prescribed scripts, rules and roles? How do we honor and utilize our superb, rainbow of complexity, in a ‘doing’ world, where simplistic, black and white thinking is the norm?

Well … we can start by going deeper in our exploration of what we iNtuitive-Feeling type women experience in the upper half of the You Are Here Map.

Over the next several weeks in NF Learning Lab, we’re going to explore a fresh metaphor to help us. It is called the Kaleidoscopic Mind. It has come into view in our Bravely Being You community over the past ten months, and has had heads nodding in recognition. So, we’re going to play with it together, and see where it takes us.

To learn more, we’ll move on to our journaling.

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