Episode 18: Gain Conscious Competence

Good morning everyone, and welcome to NF Learning Lab, where together, we access our innate, iNtuitive wisdom as unique and self-valuing women, and share who we are becoming in a safe, sensitive community.

Last week, we took a big step together, moving forward on the You Are Here Map from Quadrant 4 in the lower ‘becoming’ part of the map, and into Quadrant 1 in the upper ‘doing’ part. Like all shifts from one quadrant to another, this signals a huge change happening in the area of life where the shift is taking place. However, this shift has even greater implications than most, because we’re changing our focus away from our internal, iNtuitive-Feeling comfort zone of self-reflection. Instead we’re asking ourselves to reenter, what for most of us has been, at times, a kind of lion’s den; the Sensing-majority world. This is a place where we have often, secretly, felt invisible, inadequate, or even strangely victimized.

So why would we want to reenter this place? Well, because we somehow know that to be fully expressed and fulfilled in life, this place is a gauntlet we will want to run. We’ve been doing deep inner work in our process of ‘becoming’ quite new, in important and dynamic ways. We have new tools for being visible to … and honoring of … ourselves, and now, we’re ready to take on becoming more visible to others. But there is an even greater reason to reenter the lion’s den. Truth is, we have made this passage from self-growth to self-expression a zillion times in life, as we have grown and changed in the many areas of life that we track with as complex, iNtuitive-Feeling women. The difference, now, is that the You Are Here Map helps us pinpoint what’s happening, and bring “conscious competence” to what would normally be a subconscious, “soldier-on” experience for moving forward.

For many of us, the phrase ‘conscious competence’ is new. Yet, we kind of sense what it might mean. Perhaps that is because our perceptive iNtuition can easily guess at the meaning of those complex words; ‘conscious competence’. Or maybe it’s because somewhere deep inside ourselves, we’ve known for a very long time that we have not been in full ownership of the rare value associated with what we know and why we know it ... that is, of who we are, and who we are becoming.

So now, together, we have come to appreciate that for us, as Intuitive-Feeling type women, reentering the lion’s den is a right-of-passage, meant to challenge us to consciously and competently take our inner strength out into the world. Now, with full presence of mind, we can stop and say, “Okay, in my process of ‘becoming, I’ve gotten stronger within myself, and now I can bring my new strength into the ‘doing’ world that I share with other people, even those who are not like me, even those who have a preference for Sensing.” Let’s move to our journal prompts to explore more about what it might mean to gain full conscious competence as iNtuitive-Feeling women.

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