Episode 04: Womanifesta Part 1: Open to Your Authentic Worldview

Good morning everyone, and welcome to NF Learning Lab, where together, we access our innate, iNtuitive wisdom as unique and self-valuing women, and share who we are becoming in a safe, sensitive community.

A few weeks ago, Gandolfa suggested that we share on a call, what might be called the “NF Learning Lab Womanifesta.” So, today, we’re taking a break from our usual top of call content in order to take her up on her suggestion. It is rare for me/us to take this kind of stand, and after we do our breakouts and come back to our large group discussion.

To begin, here is a possible mission statement for our community: We are iNtuitive-Feeling type women supporting each other to express the full power of our authentic voices, so we blossom together and actualize our natural ability to restore our worlds … both inner and outer … to full health and balance.

Womanifesta Part 1:

The sun is rising on an age of great women … illuminating women’s most natural and ancient contributions to human evolution, which, since day one, have been collaboration, compassion and connection ... in order to birth and nurture all men and women, boys and girls.

The sun is setting on a four-thousand-year age of great men … celebrating men’s most natural and ancient contribution to human evolution which, since day one, has been the will to compete with each other and with nature … in order to provide for and protect the families, clans, tribes, nations, institutions and organizations of humans.

We assert, that over the past four millennia, male-based competition has burgeoned into a global culture that is currently and pervasively conflict-producing, and further, that competitive means of functioning have become increasingly dangerous.

We declare that our current … competition-based … conflict-producing … global culture is no longer sustainable, because its arms and means are actively contributing to very real threats to the survival of human beings, of other species, and of the earth itself.

We stand witness to the fact that for the past 4,000 years, men have almost universally held the positions of power in cultures, globally, because of their drive and skill in competing for prominence, along with their ability to establish and maintain dominance.

We claim that it is time to recognize, celebrate and promote women’s natural, evolutionary gifts, which are to ‘associate’ in order to ‘nurture’ and ‘support’ others.

We acknowledge that through time immemorial, women’s power has manifested, primarily, at home and in other care-based environments like farms, schools and hospitals.

We appreciate that in the past century, women have gained power in a broad range of public environments by learning to be competitive and conflict-competent like men.

We maintain that in joining men in their paradigm of competitive, conflicted activities, women have added credence to the idea that competition and conflict should and must be accepted as the principle drivers behind human values and affairs.

We proclaim that it is time for women to gain greater ‘voice’ and authentic power in affairs of all kinds, by fully utilizing our natural ability to associate and collaborate in solving problems, envisioning and creating sustainable structures, and providing essential nurturance.

We assert that when fully self-realized, iNtuitive-Feeling women have the collective vision, heart, and intelligence to be placed at the leading edge of human evolution.

There are approximately 380 million iNtuitive-Feeling women in the world, if even 1% of us (that’s 3.8 million) were fully self-realized, the world would be a much kinder, gentler place.

We suspect that many, if not most iNtuitive-Feeling women are not consciously aware of their evolutionary genius, because they have been raised in a Sensing-majority world-culture that has not had the capacity to fully see, honor and nurture them.

We submit that we can create global unity as we own our strengths and share our voices creatively and collaboratively across the vastness, uniqueness, and connectedness of our huge numbers.

Let’s move on to our journal prompts to bring these ideas into a more personal focus.

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