Episode 02: Value Your Rare Intelligence

Good morning everyone, and welcome to NF Learning Lab, where together, we access our innate, iNtuitive wisdom as unique and self-valuing women, and share who we are becoming in a safe, sensitive community.

In weeks past, we have talked about how NF Learning Lab is an open-system learning environment designed to help women with iNtuitive-Feeling personality preferences ‘unlearn’ the limitations and strict prescriptions of the Sensing world. We noted that we need time to adjust to the idea that we can truly have the freedom, the support, the capacity, and the right to redefine ourselves from the inside-out. We are beginning to see that once we do adjust to this world of new, free, and open possibilities, our lives start to change, sometimes in mysteriously subtle, yet noticeably powerful ways.

We can think of these changes as proof that our multidimensional complexity is synthesizing in new ways, and showing itself in new lights. We can admit with fresh confidence and understanding, the emptiness and deep wounding we have felt as complicated, sensitive, multidimensional beings striving to thrive in a relatively simplistic, insensitive, and narrowly regulated world. We begin to own with burgeoning pride that we have the innate intelligence to be able to dance in the mystery of our kaleidoscopic minds, and still work productively, for the betterment of our own lives and of the world. It’s like we stop cloaking our genius in bewilderment, and begin building supportive, yet flexible, structures that are as open-ended and complex as we are.

In NF Learning Lab, we are sharing a process of experimentation, with each woman working in her own private research laboratory. All of our labs are equipped with the same special maps, lenses and tools, but each of us is free to choose which of those resources we will use at any given moment. We are constantly encouraged to embrace only those data points that have the most meaning for us as unique individuals.

When, once a week, we come together in our phone community to share our findings, we become a powerful, helpful, positive house of mirrors, within which we are nurtured in our unique expressions of self. We re-parent ourselves and one another organically, and authentically, always adding to our self-awareness.

And here, is one of the most amazing secrets behind the mystery of NF Learning Lab: When we dare to honor and then share the findings of our individual self-awareness research, three incredibly empowering things happen. First, our belief in the validity and power of our individual iNtuitive capacity gets stronger. Second, we realize that we are not alone as women who view the world very differently from our Sensing-majority brothers and sisters, and we come to see that this fact isn’t just okay, it is really important and exciting, not just for us as individuals, but for our world! And third, we receive nurturing from a safe community of virtual, wise-woman ‘mothers’ who constantly give us the positive, multidimensional feedback we have always needed and wanted, but rarely received from the Sensing world around us.

The NF Learning Lab curriculum isn’t a library of facts and details to be memorized and regurgitated at test time. It is a set of insightful tools intuitively formulated as an open-system of constantly emerging concepts, theories, abstractions, and possibilities. We can internalize these, and use them again and again, to venture more confidently into our depth of core complexity. In the process, we make greater and greater sense of our multidimensionality. Confusion gives way to certainty … the certainty that we are, after all, not just weird, or wild, or crazy women … we might actually be an important part of the leading edge of human evolution. Let’s learn more with our journal prompts.

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