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for iNtuitive-Feeling women!

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Thank you for finding your way to our Bravely Being You Virtual Village donation page.

If you visit our public Facebook Group, or attend iNtuitive Conversations calls, or if you are enrolled in NF Learning Lab for Self-Actualization, then you have heard the voices and seen the posts of our wise women members! What you may not know is that, they donate their time and wisdom as call facilitators and social media contributors, in order to support the quality, growth, and expansion of our very special virtual village.

It would be great if generous wise women volunteers were all we needed to operate the many facets of our virtual village! But, there are so many other expenses. Over the past ten years, our research, development, and operating expenses have been covered by membership fees, angel investors, and the personal support of our founder, Shayla Roberts. Now, we’re asking for help from any and all who appreciate the pioneering work we’re doing here, and the difference it makes for NF women.

We have made it safe and easy to make donations from even the most modest pocketbook. They not only ensure that we’ll be here to address the needs of NF women, on a daily basis, but that we can reach other iNtuitive-Feeling women who have yet to discover the magic of Bravely Being You Virtual Village. Here are some of the expenses donations help to cover:

  • Maintenance and improvements of website,
  • Apps and digital platforms that keep our organization’s business running smoothly,
  • Collection, interpretation and publishing of our NF research findings,
  • Continual creation and revisions of our many self-reflective maps, lenses, and tools,
  • Our amazing, outsourced ‘marketing team’,
  • Stipends for our volunteers, and
  • Scholarships for NF women who have difficulty affording even our modestly priced offerings.

Thank you so much for helping us thrive!

The BBY Wise Women Counsel*

*This is intentional spelling, LOL

"The group support has truly been a life saver for me at a time when I felt alone, discarded, unseen and misunderstood."

~ Val, Landscape Designer

"Thank you sooo much for the tremendous, exceptional, remarkable, and priceless gifts you shower in each and every daily convo"

~ Victoria, Attorney