Your Bravely Being You Readiness Score is 0-59 out of a possible 100 points, which means that you will want to

. . . Proceed with Caution!

Which way is up? You’re obviously interested in making some changes in your relationship with yourself, or you wouldn’t be taking this quiz! Your answers suggest that you may be curious about who you could become, if you were to break free from cultural conditioning that doesn’t support all of who you are. Take heart though, because iNtuitive Conversations is a perfect place for you to plant some self-actualization seeds and see what happens. Since it’s free, you have nothing to lose, even if it takes a while to break ground on your dreams of yourself.

Look before you leap! You might wish you could just jump off a cliff and suddenly know how to fly into new dimensions of who you are! However, you can also feel content for now, being who you’ve always been, safe and sound on familiar ground. Watch, though, for a drop in your level of tolerance for the emotional discomforts that show up in your day-to-day activities. Look for the meaning behind the obvious, and listen to your inner voice of intuition. It will let you know if and when you’re ready to move forward at each step in Bravely Being You Virtual Village.

Go ahead and hop in! Naturally, you are welcome to explore iNtuitive Conversations, free, for as long as you like. The only prerequisite is a true desire to strengthen your voice of wisdom. But please, be patient with yourself as you stretch out of your comfort zone and practice new levels of expression and trust.