Your Self-Assessment Score is 80-100 out of a possible 100 points. That means that you are …

Courageously Ready for Greater Self-Actualization!

Suspicions confirmed! Deep inside you, there is a fully actualized version of the rare iNtuitive-Feeling (NF) type woman you are, and it’s great that you are planting seeds of self-actualization by joining iNtuitive Conversations. You have the ability to notice what you’re thinking and feeling at any given moment, and you see how self-reflection could be an essential key for identifying all of your NF complexity. You feel cautious about sharing all that you think and feel, but you’re open to the possibility that you could learn to do so in full safely and confidence.

You get it: nothing ventured, nothing gained! You sense that just about anything is achievable if you put your mind to it, because you trust your instincts and are open to new possibilities. However, that doesn’t mean you’re ready to jump off a cliff and pray that you will suddenly know how to fly! You respect yourself enough to make sure your wings are fully formed and working properly, and you’re curious about how you might soar to new heights in safety.

It is certainly possible for you to design and direct your life and work so that you are self-actualized in ways you’ve never thought possible. You’re not yet sure how to take charge of your life on a whole new level, and you might even feel a little selfish just thinking about doing so. However, you honor yourself and believe in the possibility of creating a life filled with ease and grace. You just haven’t found the right support to help you do so in a world dominated by Sensing personality types, whose assets and needs are very different from yours.

Staying power could be a challenge. You might wonder about your ability to commit to a process of becoming fully self-actualized as an NF woman. You may not believe there could be an environment, or a process, that is custom-designed to help you identify and magnify your most unusual, yet stellar qualities. When being ‘different’ has been a constant challenge in life, it may be hard to believe that being different could also mean being very, very special!

You may not be fully convinced that you are ready to invest the time and money required to become a fully self-actualized NF woman. Maybe your heart says, “Go for it!” but your head asks, “Will it really make a difference?” Our invitation is to keep sowing seeds of self-actualization on iNtuitive Conversations, until you notice new seedlings of empowerment welling up within you.