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bravely being you self-assessment

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iNtuitive-Feeling (NF) personality types comprise only about 8% of the world’s people.

We are generally open and caring, with a strong desire to be peacemakers. However, our very uniqueness is often unsettling to the other 92% of people around us, who are the Sensing and Thinking types that dominate what we call ‘Sensing-majority cultures’ worldwide.

As ‘different’ children, most NFs are subjected to teasing, bullying and/or dismissal, so we adapt by cloaking as much of our uniqueness as we can. In fact, we are such naturally adept adapters, that we end up hiding many of our best qualities, even from ourselves.

Bravely Being You Virtual Village is a world set apart for the express purpose of uncloaking the wonderful, essential qualities that make NF women so special, and so valuable to the world. Starting with iNtuitive Conversations, we safely ‘dis-member’ the adapted women we have become, and then, in NF Learning Lab for Self-Actualization, we ultimately ‘re-member’ who we essentially are.

This is a dynamic process...

… so are you ready to begin? This quiz will help you decide.

There are absolutely no right or wrong answers. Trust the first answer that comes to you, as it is likely to be most accurate. It's best to work in a non-interrupted environment, so you can relax and take your time. Simply read each statement and check one of the boxes to the right, to indicate how often it is true for you. It will only take you about about 5 minutes!

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