take a peek at village life

… inside Bravely Being You!

village in the south of France

take a peek at village life

… inside Bravely Being You!

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We are Entrepreneurs and Artists

Who feel inspired as free spirits, but tied down by convention, and who ‘do’ business while ‘becoming’ authentically expressed!

We are Therapists, Counselors, and Coaches

Who dare to face inward for possibilities, and create ‘outside the box’, yet feel at ease with ourselves.

We are iNtuitive-Feeling Type Women

Who own ‘the box’ as a kaleidoscope of self-reflecting mirrors –– inside and out!


together, we feel safe, seen, and supported...

...without feeling selfish

As iNtuitive-Feeling type women, we often have a lingering but hush-hush feeling of not being recognized and validated, which keeps us from expressing ourselves fully in many areas of life.

This feeling creates internal stress… which if not identified and relieved… can eventually lead to sustained problems such as mental rumination, emotional imbalance, physical maladies, and spiritual disaffection.

It’s so great to feel completely safe, seen, and supported in all of who we are, without ever worrying that some gnarly judgment is just around the corner.

Intuitive Feeling Woman

… we would love for all NF women to feel these things!

we speak our truth, celebrate our voices, and feel the love

Intuitive-Feeling Woman

In our virtual village, we iNtuitive-Feeling type women have the space to speak our unique truths, so we can celebrate our original voices in self-honoring ways, without shrinking in shame or cringing from judgments.

Many lives have been transformed here, because we recognize that we are a select minority of women whose intense complexity of thoughts and Feelings has rarely been identified or supported, and never fully appreciated.

For the first time, we have support to embrace the possibility that our idiosyncrasies might signal a rare kind of insight, or even a special sort of genius. And we are open to the possibility that we are meant to share our innate super-powers with the world.

we feel the joy of being respected, just for being us

meet some of our wise-woman villagers

Martha - Bravely Being You Wise Woman Mentor

Martha Mason

A mature, wise woman of great substance, Martha brings to iNtuitive Conversations a natural warmth and compassion earned over decades of conscious self-realization and client care. Taking the road less traveled, she is an inveterate seeker and soul-soother, whose voice is like a warm hug on our calls. During her years as a licensed counselor, Martha worked with children and families through the expressive arts, including music, free-drawing, and drama. Now, as a free agent in her seventies, she shares her special ability to help a wounded child feel safe, seen, and supported. She finds that child in those who are still very young, and also in adults whose inner joy has gone uncelebrated for a lifetime, as is true for many iNtuitive-Feeling type women.

Learn about Mentoring with Martha

Shayla Roberts - Owner of Bravely Being You Virtual Village

Shayla Roberts

Shayla is the founder of Bravely Being You Virtual Village. She brings original insights gained from three decades of coaching iNtuitive, values-based business owners interested in evolving self-mastery while growing a business. Having inspired creative entrepreneurs in many industries to apply principles of creativity, consciousness, and mindfulness to solving business problems, she has also, served as professional development coach to many Certified Executive Coaches. In 1994, Shayla was certified to administer the Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator (MBTI). Her distinctive passion is to combine MBTI wisdom with other models, systems and theories, to create experiences that are uniquely effective in meeting the self-actualization needs of rare INFJ, INFP, ENFJ and ENFP personality types. Quora.com.

Learn about Mentoring with Shayla

Read Shayla's Founder's Story

gandolfa new headshot

Gandolfa Stegmann

Gandolfa, Keeper of the iNtuitive Vocabulary, is a personification of mature wisdom and professional excellence.  A committed life-long learner and serial entrepreneur, she inspires the Bravely Being You community as a model for who we can become when we fully embrace our complex interests, own our multiple talents, and courageously act upon our ‘possibility thinking.’ Having received her BA in Communications at the age of seventy, she went on to earn credentials as a Life Coach in her mid-eighties. Now, in her nineties she coaches other mature women to find expansive meaning in life after ‘work.’ INtuitive Conversations participants feel an immediate sense of safety when hearing Gandolfa’s voice, and are always deeply inspired, both by her sage insights and her self-directed approach to life. Check out her robust Facebook group for retired women.

Wendy Lindahl

Wendy Lindahl

Wendy is a personal transformation muse par excellence! Many therapists are multi-disciplined, but very few are seasoned in so many life-giving modalities: yoga, dance/movement, creative arts, stress management, mindfulness meditation, and dream work. She has a coveted position as Wellness and Mindfulness Specialist at the celebrated 5-star Enchantment Resort and Destination Spa located in Sedona, Arizona. She helps guests from all over the world get in touch with forgotten dimensions of self. As an iNtuitive Conversations facilitator, Wendy’s ability to tune into the needs of callers is surpassed, only, by the precise way she hears every word shared, and feeds back germane, yet soul-soothing, reflections.


Teresa Wickersham

When asked about her main driver in life, Teresa will say, ‘authenticity’. Everyone who knows her… simply nods!  In the very act of being who she is, this maven of self-sovereignty models what an amazing world it would be, if every NF woman had full permission to be freely herself … no justifications, no excuses, no apologies! Teresa gifts us with wisdom gained from forty years of self-exploration through gestalt therapy, as well as decades of volunteer work supporting adults with developmental disabilities. She nurtures those with autism and Down syndrome, by stepping back from control, and embracing the roles of advocate and cheerleader. Like many if not most NF women, Teresa has multi-talents including photography and jewelry making, and she generously contributes to Bravely Being You village life in the areas of tech support and social media.


Maxine "Max" Kamin

Many iNtuitive-Feeling type women struggle to feel embraced by the business sector of the Sensing-majority world. Maxine found there not only a warm welcome but a place to thrive! As a consultant in the training and development field, she honed her facilitation skills working with corporate boards, executives, and management teams. Max is an inspiration for any iNtuitive-Feeling type woman who is transitioning from ‘corporate’ into more ‘NF-friendly’ settings. And what a blessing she is to Bravely Being You! Trained in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, and a mature NF woman in her own right, she has been instrumental in helping us understand how to best serve the special NF visitors to our one-of-a kind virtual village.

Mischa Headshot Corp Pro

Mischa Ripps

Of all our Bravely Being You call guides, Mischa is most familiar with the powerful self-development tools available to women who enter our village through iNtuitive Conversations, and make their way on to village-central, and NF Learning Lab for Self-Actualization. Learning many of our tools in her early twenties, she miraculously used them to break into the Las Vegas music scene as a featured vocalist and bassist with a hot country band. And here’s the miracle - she did it in her late forties! Mischa is a maven of creativity as a singer-songwriter, recording artist, and stage personality. However, her soulful lyrics and dedication to living a self-defined life are the qualities that inspire us most. She reminds us iNtuitive-Feeling women to honor our rare gifts and boldly share them with the world. Find Mischa on Facebook or YouTube!

The group support has truly been a life saver for me at a time when I felt alone, discarded, unseen and misunderstood.

~ Val, Landscape Designer

Thank you sooo much for the tremendous, exceptional, remarkable, and priceless gifts you shower in each and every daily convo

~ Victoria, Attorney